• 3 of Hearts is finally coming out!

    It seems like a long time ago that I and a bunch of other writers announced a new erotic romance anthology called "Three of Hearts" that was about - you guessed it - threeways. The book missed its original publication date when publisher Cleis Press was sold to Start Publishing, influencing the production schedule. (So if you've been wondering where some other Cleis collections are, know that lots of anthologies were affected - not just this one.)

    Now we have a new release date that's been officially confirmed. The book will ship in February and should be hitting the bookstores around Valentine's Day! That's what I've been told anyhow - even though Amazon says it will come out March 17.

    My story "The Last Day of Summer" is a bisexual FMF tale tale in which both of the character's summer romances - a boyfriend and a girlfriend - find out about each other and gang up on her for some sexy revenge. I haven't seen a TOC yet so I'm not sure who else is it but hopefully it'll be out in time to inspire some Valentine's Day adventures.



  • Queer Fairy Tales

    Fairy tales are always a popular premise in erotica, and you can't throw a condom without hitting a collection or five. Yet most - all? - have always been strictly heterosexual, tales of princesses and princes, witches and maidens and heroes.

    Now Radclyffe and Stacia Seamen have come out with a collection of LGBTQ fairy tales. "Myth and Magic" are "classic fairy tales retold with a queer twist" and what a gamut of tales this collection covers: Alice in Wonderland, The Frog Prince, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, The Little Match Girl, Snow White and more.

    My story "Heartless" is built around the Snow Queen - only here, the Queen is a dominatrix who owns a BDSM nightclub. Beautiful and dominant, she literally does not have a heart and drains the life force from all of her pet slaves - usually butch young women. So when she steals hottie Kai from her girlfriend Gerda, their affair starts out red-hot but runs into the same problem as Kai begins to lose her vitality - and the Snow Queen is surprised to find herself falling in love for the first time.



Veronica Wilde

Coming Soon: "The Last Day of Summer"

3 of Hearts


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