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Increasing Small Business Brand Recognition in a Local Market

If you are running a small business, you know how challenging it can be to establish your small business in a local market. There are numerous marketing platforms available but something that should be on the top of your priorities is reaching out to a firm that specializes in local citation management.

Essentially, a citation can be broken down into two components. The first is the physical address and contact details of your business; if your address has changed or telephone number, you will need to update all of the online directories so people can easily find you. This is very labour intensive, so it would be prudent to get professional help.

The second component of a citation is when someone talks about your company online.You need to ensure that whenever there are negative reviews or comments, which are inevitable, they are dealt with swiftly. That’s where the professionals come in. It’s their job to know how best to protect and improve your online reputation.

Importance of Having a Great Online Reputation

Whenever a consumer is thinking about making a purchase from a local business, they are going to search online for feedback left by other people who dealt with the retailer in the past. If there are negative comments, it could make that customer want to buy from another business that has a better reputation. By ensuring you have a proactive local citation management process in place, you are greatly reducing the risk of losing a sale due to a negative online reputation.

Standardizing Your Customer Service Experience

After you have addressed the online citations to make sure they are presented in the most positive light possible, you will need to take a closer look at your overall customer service experience. To reduce the risk of customers having a negative experience with your organization, it would be wise to standardize the overall customer service experience. This will add a degree of consistency from the moment a customer sets foot into your store until they leave. Since the experience is standardized, the odds of them having a bad experience are greatly reduced. It will require a considerable amount of effort on your part to implement these suggestions but it will really pay off over the long-term as you establish yourself as the dominant small business in your local niche.

Raising the Bar with Competitive Pricing

Once you have standardized the overall customer shopping experience and ensured your online reputation is pristine, you can start to incorporate a competitive pricing strategy. What some organizations do is focus on pricing but do not address the need for a conducive shopping experience. When you offer a great shopping experience and at the same time have competitive prices, consumers are going to naturally gravitate towards your small business.

Each and every day folks are actively searching for the products and services your business is offering. If they can’t find your business or they find bad reviews online, how can you expect to get their business? The sooner you get those items addressed, the faster you can begin to gain market share.

Categories Brand Recognition

What is Local Citation Management?

Before we get into the specifics of local citation management, we must talk about local citations and what they mean. Where internet search engines are concerned, a local citation is when there is a mention of a company’s name, phone number or physical address. These citations are located in various different places – such as websites, apps, local directories, social media profiles and blogs. Citations are a fantastic way for people to identify local businesses that can help them with a product or service they require. And local businesses can make sure there are plenty of citations pointing internet users in their direction.

Local citation management is a service where a business can request that a professional assist it with creating, updating and managing these local citations. For instance, a local business may want information about it cited on local business data platforms, such as Acxiom, Localeze or Google My Business. They may also want the business details listed on platforms that are specific to an industry, or an area. If there is a platform where users can find local businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, businesses located there will require local citation management specific to that platform.

If a business wants to get this done in the right way, it must ensure that more than just its name, address and phone number are listed. The type of information that internet users find useful includes business hours, services, images and videos of the establishment and its products, types of payment accepted, reviews, maps, links to social media accounts, and driving directions. When a significant portion of these details are included about your business at various places on the internet, it makes it much easier for a potential customer to learn about your business and to determine whether you can offer what they require.