• 3 of Hearts is out

    Just in time for warm weather, an anthology of erotic romance and threesomes is out - Three of Hearts. As the back cover says, the book "features sexy trios who are not just falling into bed, but are also falling in love. From a couple introducing a third person to their relationship for just one night of fun, to a woman torn between two lovers—who decides not to choose—and long-term triads who collaborate on all their desires, Three of Hearts focuses on joy in triplicate and female pleasure."

    Here's an excerpt from my story "The Last Day of Summer" in which a bisexual woman tries to choose between her girlfriend and her boyfriend - until they both show up at her pool:


    The sun baked into my skin, golden and sensual. I’d been tanning all summer to look sexy for them, wrinkles be damned. My mind turned to thoughts of Mia tying my hands behind my back and slowly stroking my clit while I begged her to let me come. Bondage had always been my weakness, guaranteed to make me melt, and Mia knew exactly how to excite me. Kevin was more of a master cocksman, driving me crazy with his tongue and thick cock. With just one touch, he could make me wet and aching.

    So once again: who should I spend my last day and night of freedom with? I turned my iPod to a sexy playlist, letting the sun lull me into a trance. As I compared them, my heart filled with that warm euphoria. I couldn’t help it; I wanted to have a romantic last night together before going back to work. Swimming in the moonlight, kissing all night in bed. A real date. This was my chance to say to Mia or Kevin, I’ll be getting my own apartment and you can stay overnight all the time now. I just didn’t know if those words would be welcome or not – if either of them secretly wanted me to be more than a summer fling. If so, who did I have a better chance with? Mia or Kevin?

    The sun’s warmth on my nipples felt so good that I opened my legs as well, letting my feet dangle on either side of the chair as the summer heat greeted my pussy. I drifted into a sensual drowsiness, dreaming of Mia’s beautiful breasts. Kevin’s hard thighs. My blood warmed with arousal. In fact, I could almost swear someone was there, touching me.

    A metal clink brought me to full alertness. What the hell? I opened my eyes, suddenly aware I’d been napping. The pool waters danced merrily, no one in sight.

    I tried to remove my headphones – and realized my wrists were locked to the chair. Shock turned into outrage as someone lifted off my headphones.

    “Easy,” Mia said. She walked around the length of the chair in shorts and a green tank top, never taking her eyes from my nakedness. “You’re safe, Cheyenne. No need to freak out.”

    Well, that settled it. Mia it was. And what an afternoon we were about to have, a surprise poolside bondage scene just like I had always fantasized about.

    I was about to say something saucy when a male voice said, “Oh, come on. You know Cheyenne. She loves the feeling of danger.”

    Kevin joined her. They both regarded me like I was a captive enemy.

    Oh no. No. “What did you do to me?” I squeaked. I didn’t know if I was more disturbed by my powerlessness or the excitement rising in my blood.

    “Something you’ve always wanted, apparently," Kevin said.


    Three of Hearts is on sale now, with stories from Rachel Kramer Bussel, Kristina Wright, Cheyenne Blue and others.



  • 3 of Hearts is finally coming out!

    It seems like a long time ago that I and a bunch of other writers announced a new erotic romance anthology called "Three of Hearts" that was about - you guessed it - threeways. The book missed its original publication date when publisher Cleis Press was sold to Start Publishing, influencing the production schedule. (So if you've been wondering where some other Cleis collections are, know that lots of anthologies were affected - not just this one.)

    Now we have a new release date that's been officially confirmed. The book will ship in February and should be hitting the bookstores around Valentine's Day! That's what I've been told anyhow - even though Amazon says it will come out March 17.

    My story "The Last Day of Summer" is a bisexual FMF tale tale in which both of the character's summer romances - a boyfriend and a girlfriend - find out about each other and gang up on her for some sexy revenge. I haven't seen a TOC yet so I'm not sure who else is it but hopefully it'll be out in time to inspire some Valentine's Day adventures.



Veronica Wilde

Coming Soon: "The Last Day of Summer"

3 of Hearts


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